It’s a Zoe TeBeau Estate Sale in Palm Springs!

Artist list:

Duane Armstrong

Rhys E. Baber

Cecil Ballerino


William R. Bissett

Jacqueline Lewis Bowker

after Jean Baptiste Camille Corot

Tim “Frogman” Cotterill

Nora Lee Craig

Donald Houston Curley

Phyllis Diller

Adrian Dingle

Jeffrey Fowler

Gaul Grimm

James H. Houston

Susan Dadlec

Margherita Heech

Marino Marini

John McKillop

Joan MIro

Daniel Monfort

John Morris

Kaiko Moti

Thomas Phillips

Theodore Polos

after Frederic Remington

Kevin Robb rank Romero

Ednah Root


Gary Schlidt

Charles Schriddle

Dominic Serres

Kinichi Shigeno

Minni Sjolseth-Carter

Lyle Sopel

Sir Stanley Spencer

Elizabeth Stephenson

Loet Vanderveen

Colin Webster-Watson

Frances Wolfson

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Estate sales can arise under circumstances such as a death in the family and the contents of the home needs to be reduced to cash for estate distribution purposes. Estate sales are necessary if there is a move due to downsizing of a lifestyle or relocation.
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Why Are We The Best?

Zoe TeBeau Estate Sales has been serving the marketplace for over 20 years covering the greater Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino and Palm Springs areas. We have a tremendous following for all of our sales.
As one of a small group nationwide of certified appraisers, I can provide appraisals that include legal documentation of antiques recognized by both the Internal Revenue Service and The Appraisal Foundation. After knowing the true value of what was handed down in your family, you may even decide to take better care of it.
There is never a charge for an initial consultation. An appointment will be set up to meet with the family members who would like to be in attendance and when a fair representation of what will be offered in the sale. During this appointment, an estimate of potential outcome will be a part of the consultation.

A Word From Our Clients

What can I say. I’ve worked with Zoe many times over the years and she is always professional and accurate. We’re lucky to have her!
Tim H, Claremont, CA
My clients are often in a sensitive position during estate transfers and Zoe TeBeau’s company always make sure they are treated with respect and get maximum value for the family.
Kristen C, LaVerne, CA