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Living Estate of Madame Earnestine Schumann-Heinke’s Great Grandson Gated Community of Rancho La Paz 1150 E. Palm Canyon Drive, Unit 16 Palm Springs, CA 92264 November 28-29 Hours: 10:00 – 4:00 Daily

Numbers will be given out at 9:00 am on Saturday. Look for the yellow and black “Estate Sale Today by Zoe” sign. That will be the only location where the numbers will be handed out. It will be on the outside area of the gate we will be using which is about 200 feet west of the main gate entrance and very close to Unit 16. This is a gated community with practically zero parking inside the gate and we can only bring in cars for loading of larger items. Thank you for your co-operation.
Madame Schumann-Heinke as a world renowned opera singer performed in opera houses of Germany, England and America. This remaining collection is now part of her great grandson’s estate. The majority of her collection was bequeathed to Pomona College, Claremont, CA in 1938. What remains are more of her personal family items such as scrap books, photographs, antique furnishings, etc. More about her can be found by Googling her name. The remaining items are part of her Great Grandson’s estate.
Beautiful furnishings, antiques and decorative accessories. Home has lovely antiques that have come down through the family brought from Germany before the turn of last century when they homesteaded in the San Diego area and the original home still stands today. China dishes by Rosenthal, Germany, in the pattern: Continental Empire with gold rim in both Ivory w/blue wreath and blue with Ivory wreath. Large vintage train collection with engines, rolling stock and elaborate handmade villages and buildings which beautiful on their own. Lovely Lanai style furniture. A lot of great vintage electronics including:
  • Audio Research Amp D70, Audio Research SP 10 tube pre-amplifier SP10,
  • McIntosh MR-73 Solid State Tuner AM FM.
  • Audio Research Amp D70
  • Audio Research SP McIntosh MR-73 Solid State Tuner AM FM
  • Luxman t450 Radio
  • Luxman Turntable PD441 with tone arm
  • Luxman 373 CD player
  • Luxman Stereo pre-amplifier C-02
  • Clearaudio Solutions turntable with tone arm
  • Antique Sound Lab AQ1003DT Integrated amplifier
  • Marantz Console Stereo Amplifier Model Thirty
  • Marantz Stereophonic Tuner Model Twenty Three
  • Pioneer DVL-91 Laser disc DVD/CD
  • Many other vintage speakers and accessories.
  • LP’s, CD’s, DVD’s
Home has lovely antiques that have come down through the family brought from Germany before the turn of last century.

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