An Amazing Zoe TeBeau Estate Sale in Pasadena

July 31 (Sunday)

Hours: 8AM to 2PM

678 St John Avenue Pasadena, CA 91105

Very early JBL Hartsfield Signature Speaker, early Fisher mono console with a 55A amp.  Ornate Horner style dining room suite, bronze figural lamps, Rosenthal China, Rose Point by Wallace sterling flatware with 12 place settings.  Cameras and lenses which I am still doing my homework. Lots of great décor and miscellaneous.  Loaded garage! I will let the pictures below speak for themselves.    BTW…Parking…South St. John Avenue is a one way street.  Plenty of parking on the west side of the street.

Check out the updated pictures below!

Beautiful St. John Ave home built in the 30’s. Filled with lovely furnishings and decor.

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Estate sales can arise under circumstances such as a death in the family and the contents of the home needs to be reduced to cash for estate distribution purposes. Estate sales are necessary if there is a move due to downsizing of a lifestyle or relocation.
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What can I say. I’ve worked with Zoe many times over the years and she is always professional and accurate. We’re lucky to have her!
Tim H, Claremont, CA
My clients are often in a sensitive position during estate transfers and Zoe TeBeau’s company always make sure they are treated with respect and get maximum value for the family.
Kristen C, LaVerne, CA